At the beginning of April we launched our Schools of the Area, or SOTA, competition and over the past few months we have received such positive feedback about it!

What is SOTA?

In a nutshell, it is a way to encourage families with children in schools around our SuperSpar to support us! It was also launched to encourage some healthy competition between the schools ;)

We have created a SOTA “postbox” in-store with numerous cubbies; each cubby has been designated to a specific School in our Area. Customers are invited to choose which school in the area they would like to support and by placing their till slip(s) in that specific cubby, they will be allocating a vote to that school. At the end of every month, we will count the number of till slips in each cubby and that school will WIN a whopping R1000 store voucher. The winning school will be judged on the number of till slips and not the total amount spent in-store.

The following schools have already signed up to be a part of our SOTA competition:

Clarence Primary School

Durban Primary School

Glenwood Preparatory School

Greyville Primary School

Little Noddy Pre School

Maris Stella

As mentioned above, the competition has been extremely successful with thousands of till slips being entered every month! Clarence Primary School has especially taken to our SOTA competition and for the past FOUR months they have WON a R1000 store voucher for their school!

Congratulations to the parents, teachers and pupils of Clarence Primary School and a HUGE thank you for your support! Below you can see Sam and Lale from Avonmore SuperSpar handing over the SOTA cheque to the pupils of Clarence!

Would you like to sign your school up to be a part of our SOTA competition? Call 031 303 2624 and ask to speak to Sam or email

Remember, we are Better Together!

Avonmore SuperSpar