This Mandela Day we decided to team up with our two charities; Feeding the Furballs and Likhon iThemba! We asked customers to donate pet food and baby items to our two collection trolleys in-store so that they too could be part of our Mandela Day campaign.

For Feeding the Furballs, we promised to double any pet food donations made in-store to ensure that customers knew we were serious about this Mandela Day! We are proud to announce that we collected over R700 worth of pet food donated by YOU and were happy to double this amount allowing Feeding the Furballs to collect a whopping R1400 worth of food overall! Farrah, her mother Arlene, and Ginger (the cat!) came to visit us in-store and pick up their donations - we just loved having them with us! How cute is Ginger's outfit? hehe...

For Likhon iThemba, we also managed to collect some very useful baby items in-store but we wanted to do something more with them...and so we did! We cooked up a large batch of Mac 'n Cheese in-store and took a drive out to Umlazi V Section where we dished out this yummy meal with a juice to over 160 kids from the area! Needless to say, there were lots of happy faces and full bellies around :)

Thank you to both of our NPO's; Feeding the Furballs and Likhon iThemba, for including us in their Mandela Day plans - it was such a privilege to make a small difference in the community around us! Thanks also to our customers who made donations. And lastly, thanks to our amazing staff members without whom, none of this would have happened!