On the second to last weekend in March we hosted our monthly Kids Club Event in-store! And boy, did we have some serious fun!


All of our Avonmore SUPERSPARKS were invited to be a part of our in-store Easter Event which was held on the second-to-last Saturday of March! We had a whole host of activities planned for the kids and were so happy when about 50 children (and their parents) showed up!


The event started off with some inventive face-painting from our two face-painting artists; Suresh and Zee! While the kids waited for their faces to be painted, we distracted them with a colouring-in competition! Then we had a surprise visit from the Beacon Easter Bunny and his friends, Simba the lion and the Oros Man! These three characters were a HUGE hit with the kids!


kids club 2


Finally, it was time for the main event…our in-store Easter Egg Treasure Hunt! Earlier that morning, the Easter Bunny and his Avonmore Friends had hidden Easter eggs in each of our departments; Deli, Bakery, Butchery and Produce! Now it was time for our kids to race around the store and find them! Check out the chaos on this video here (click on image to play):



At the end of the Easter Egg Hunt, we collected all of the Easter Eggs and divided them among the kids to ensure everyone got an equal amount!


Our last event of the morning was biscuit decorating – each child was given a few yummy shortbread cookies to ice in various colours! Needless to say this was quite a messy endeavor ;) Finally, we chose the winners of the colouring-in competition and awarded the prizes!

cupcake decorating


We had SUCH a fun (and busy!) morning with all our Avonmore SUPERSPARKS and want to thank the parents for brining their kids along to be a part of this with us! We also want to thank Beacon, Simba and Oros for being a part of our event and all the Avonmore Staff who made the event a success!


If you would like to sign your child up to the Avomore SUPERSPARKS, please collect an application form in-store OR email Sam: sam@kensingtongroup.co.za!


Remember, we are Better Together

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