Are you a member of the SPAR Rewards Programme? If you haven’t yet signed up for this loyalty programme you are missing out on huge SAVINGS!


In a nutshell, the SPAR Rewards programme allows customers to receive instant electronic savings on specific Rewards products whenever they swipe their SPAR Rewards card or enter their cellphone number at the till. The products change almost every month and run for a period of two to three weeks. SPAR has also just launched the Rewards programme in TOPS, meaning you can now grab awesome SAVINGS on your favourite alcohol brands as well!


How it works:

  1. Ask for a Spar Rewards card in-store or register on the SPAR Rewards website:
  2. Shop at Kensington SuperSpar and purchase any of the specially selected SPAR Rewards products.
  3. Once the cashier has scanned through your SPAR Rewards products, punch in your cellphone number on the keypad at the till point or swipe your Spar Rewards card and the electronic product coupons discount will be deducted at the end of your transaction.
  4. Your electronic SPAR Rewards product coupons change regularly so make sure to look out for the new ones on the App or instore.


To sign up for the SPAR Rewards programme today, click here.


We have recently appointed, Lorraine, to be our own personal Avonmore Spar Rewards Ambassador! So should you need to find out more info about the programme, please don’t hesitate to come and chat to her at our SuperSpar!


A few lucky customers can also be randomly selected to WIN their entire basket of shopping FREE when they swipe their Rewards cards*


Yesterday, the 22nd August, Spar also launched SPAR MEGA REWARDS! Which allows customers to SAVE on over TWO HUNDRED products (instead of the usual 20 or so). This campaign will run until the 1st October and is available to all existing and new Spar Rewards customers! Don’t miss out on this chance to grab some AWESOME savings! Find out more in-store from Lorraine or check out the Rewards products available at our MEGA Rewards table at the entrance to our SuperSpar.

mega rewards table


Remember to swipe your Rewards Card every time you shop at Avonmore SuperSpar, who knows, you might just WIN your entire basket for FREE!


Remember, we are Better Together

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*Terms and conditions apply