This past Saturday we hosted our very first Avonmore SuperSparks Kids Club Event in-store – and boy, was it a goodie! We started off the event with a yummy milkshake courtesy of Daisy, the Honey Dew Dairies Cow, followed by a scavenger hunt around our SuperSpar.

The kids were given fun clues and riddles that pointed them to different areas of our store. They then had to follow each clue to that specific area where they were rewarded for figuring out the riddle correctly! Needless to say, it was a race to be the first at each area and a few unsuspecting shoppers certainly got more than they bargained for on their Saturday Morning grocery trip!



By the end of the Scavenger Hunt each Kid had a bag filled with yummy treats to take home with them! Between Daisy the Cows debut appearance and a rather energetic scavenger hunt – we would say the event was a resounding success! Thanks to Honey Dew Dairies and the Avonmore SuperSpar employees who helped to make this event happen.

Would you like to sign your child up to the Avonmore SuperSparks? Please ask our Manager or Cashiers for a Kids Club application form when you are next in-store.


Thanks Avonmore SuperSpar